Eames chair

We’re probably getting quite a reputation for hoarding mid century gems. We’ve got a fireplace in storage that we’d like to put in the master bedroom, an embarrassing amount of lights that will become awesome lamps, lockers that will be put to good use in the workshop, and now this:


Back in April, The Future Antiques (TFA) launched some social media efforts and we both spotted a “needs restored Eames Plycraft lounger.” This chair has been on Aaron’s wishlist for quite some time, but based on price it fell just below “an original Ansel Adams print.” I knew he’d get it eventually, but not any time soon.

Even though we visited TFA just a few days after the picture was posted (and scored a coffee table and some side tables), we both thought there was zero chance the chair would still be available.


After talking ourselves into the tables and negotiating a 10% discount on the set, we headed for the clearance section and saw this beauty was still waiting for us. I took one look at the price tag ($200!) and knew it was coming home with us. The owner even extended the discount to our entire order, so we only paid $180 for this chair. Giddiness ensued.


Once the chair was home, Aaron turned to Ebay to find a foot stool in need of repair. He picked one up for just $60.

The plan is for Aaron to restore the wood and then turn it over to Jose (who did a masterful job on our couch) for the upholstery. We’ll ditch the camel color, but we’d like to keep the original feel, which limits our options to black or white.

It’s in waiting mostly because we don’t have a home for it right now. Eventually it will probably live in the downstairs living room. (Can we not talk about how it’s already August and we’re not getting as much done this year as we hoped?)














Ok, fess up. What are you hoarding? Vintage or new/big or small?

  1. Hopefully you already know of The Olive Green Window blog. If not, you need to make time to immediately check it out – you are probably kindred spirits!

  2. That’s amazing… I asked my mom because we had one growing up but she thought it was a replica. The more I look at that one, the more I think it was the real deal.

    That’s like my childhood right there in your studio.


  3. I’m definitely not even close to making any judgement about the origins of it but this has been a good source of details to look into during my own hunts http://manhattan-nest.com/2013/03/25/real-vs-fake-the-eames-lounge/

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