Radio silence and random buys

Usually when we take a break around here it’s unintended. This time was no different. After what seemed like a Herculean effort to finish the carport turned garage, Aaron turned his attention to real work, like shooting and editing images for the lovely people who hire us for their weddings.

It’s all part of our natural ebb and flow with renovation projects. Right now energy is low and other priorities are taking center stage. We’ve also been drinking in the occasional free weekend in our wedding season. That means firing up the smoker (I’m still drooling over the beef brisket we inhaled a few weeks ago), hitting up the farmer’s market, grabbing brunch, spending some time on the most lovely couch in the world, and strolling through a few antique malls.

A recent trip produced quite an array of finds. Let’s take a look.


It funny to see it all laid out because it seems like a true slice of our lives: construction, photography, decorating, adult beverages and cooking.


These crocks are my favorite baking vessel when I’m making cherry crisp for the two of us. After shattering one, I was on a serious hunt to re-complete my set. In the very last row of the antique mall, I stumbled on two crocks as part of a larger set for just $8.


These glass drink stirrers will look fabulous on the new bar we’re planning. We grabbed two sets for just $5 each.


I’m a little obsessed with ALL the white dishes. I’ve been eying custard cups like these for a while. They are the perfect size for dip-able condiments. These six white cups with zero chips were just $5 so I snatched them up.


We’ve gotten very picky on which decanters come home with us because our collection is quite large, and we don’t have the right bar for all those bottles. This one stole our heart with its simple, curvy lines. I think this guy was just $15.


One of the things I love about antique malls is that you never know what will strike your fancy. These stone bookends jumped out to both of us. We have a growing collection of books, and one house can only handle so many stacks of books. The warm tones and clean lines on this set will play perfectly in nearly any room. At $25 we felt like they were a steal.



Speaking of books… they are constantly on my scouting list. I love picking up over-sized tomes at antique malls, where they cost a fraction of the price of new books. My favorite to date is the one living on our bar that says “WINE” on the spine.

We’re partial to photo heavy books and this National Geographic book featuring lakes, peaks and prairies instantly caught our eye. I always, always look behind the dust cover because I know it’s coming off when we get home. This book won with a simple design cover design, a publishing date in Aaron’s birth year, and a low price tag.


We love the shape of this glass piece. Ultimately we think it will be a lamp, but the “tea storage” label makes it a piece I’m happy to display as is.


We love fondue. It’s a thing. It’s coming back. $3 for vintage forks = yes, please!


After years (literally) of searching for a Viewmaster in good shape at a reasonable price, Aaron finally scored one a few months ago. So when we saw a rack of reels, we scoured them for interesting images. A few national parks and the Art and Space Exhibit at the Smithsonian (a nod to Aaron’s love of all things space related) were easy choices at just $1.25 a pop.


At antique malls, we always gravitate toward “old man booths.” Old guys keep the most interesting stuff. And when it’s time to get rid of said stuff, it creates a booth that seems like you’re digging through your grandpa’s garage. In this booth, we nabbed some corner braces and string for just a few bucks.

So that’s our recent antique mall spree. Is anyone else beating the summer heat by killing a few hours at antique malls. I’d love to see your finds!

  1. Dude, those book ends! The decanter! All things shaped like sticks! Nice finds. I got some plates with patterns recently (gasp!) to spice up our all-white-all-the-time dishes and I gotta say I’m digging it. Of course it’s still all black and white with silver and gold accents, so nothing we’ll tire of soon.

    1. Hahaha! “All things shaped like sticks”
      Oooh! Patterned plates? How fancy!

  2. I am DROOLING over your finds. They are amazing. You must take me with you sometime because I feel like I never find stuff. But I haven’t gone recently. Last time it was for props for a show and that takes half the fun out of it.

    I’m glad you’re getting to relax – I myself am finally on vacation… and haven’t learned how to sit still quite yet! HAH!

    1. This broke a long dry spell. All of these were grabbed at the South County Antique Mall, which is one of our favorites. We also love the Green Shag market. Have you been there?

      1. I haven’t been to either place! Adding them to my list for sure.

  3. Wow, such awesome things you found!!! I am a total book lover, of course, and that book cover is fantastic. I do keep my dust jackets to protect the covers, but you are so right – there are some lovely things hidden under them. That one is a gem!
    The fondue forks look just like the ones my Grandmother had when fondue was FIRST a “thing” – that made me laugh. And the View Master??? Oh my word!
    Such a fun collection!

    1. I usually keep the covers, but I rarely display them. There’s something nice about a clean book spine.
      Oh my! We definitely love fondue. It’s the perfect thing for a dinner party and who doesn’t love an excuse to eat copious amounts of cheese?

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