How we get into the garage and staining the backside

Apparently we caused a little confusion with our ipe garage post. I didn’t actually show you how we get our cars into the garage. My bad. The post was picture heavy and I really wanted something to chat with you about this week. Projects are slow because w-editing. That’s short for “editing wedding images” for those non-wedding photographers out there… of which there may be many more thanks to our recent feature on Apartment Therapy. Hi, new readers!

I digress. We can, in fact, get our cars into the garage thanks to the alley access on the backside of the building.


Part way through the ipe wrap we got garage doors, which was a happier day than I ever imagined.


Then we grappled with how to finish the alley side of the garage. We L O V E the look of the ipe and we usually choose aesthetics over… well, over everything else (specifically time and money.) But the ipe wrap had turned into a very tedious project, and we questioned whether the alley side really needed that treatment. We were also really happy with how the stain on the fence posts turned them into a deep brown the mimicked the tone of the ipe.

Stain (and common sense?) won. While Aaron worked (tirelessly) on the ipe, I spent a few hours on a few weekend days to coat the exposed wood with Behr Semi-Transparent Weather Proofing All-in-one Wood Stain and Sealer tinted to chocolate.


We are really happy with the results. It gave the wood a rich feel that ties in nicely with the ipe AND it was a project I could tackle. It’s always nice when I can get in on the renovation and take something off of Aaron’s plate.

Here are a few angles: pre-doors, pre-stain and finished.









These two pictures (above and below) are a good example of how the light (cloudy above, sunny below) affect the appearance of the cor-ten fence.


A few people asked for pictures of the interior of the garage. I’m giving you an IOU for that, but I promise it’s not very exciting or photogenic. More to come!

  1. I really do love the color you’re achieving with all the staining. It’s such a rich wood tone and really plays well with the metal fence. You guys must be stain experts by now! We’re getting ready to stain a dresser for our daughter’s bedroom and I’m a little intimidated by that (relative to yours) small project. So I’m really impressed by your entire garage project. And congrats on the AT feature!

    1. Thanks, Laura. We’re definitely not stain experts. The nice thing about exterior stain is that you just brush it on – no need to wipe off. I would be intimidated by a dresser. Good luck!

  2. Loving the the choices you’re making. You’re making me want to become a homeowner even though the other half of that equation scares the everloving out of me. 🙂

    1. Ha! The blog certainly makes it look like just fun. There’s plenty of stressful moments too 🙂

  3. Looking sharp. Glad to see the back side of the garage. It’s kind of like not seeing someone (a character in a film) close a door during a movie, and the rest of the time your belief is un-suspended because you never saw the door shut. Now I’ve seen the shut doors = Ahhh.

    1. Haha! I didn’t know I was causing so much drama. 😉

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