The weeeeeeekend!

It’s a Wednesday that feels like a Thursday. The weather has turned to ” so gorgeous it is distracting.” And we’re coming off a stretch of shooting 8 weddings in 9 weeks.

All that is to say – I’m ready for the weekend. I’m longing for the kind of beautiful weekend events that fill my Instagram feed each Saturday. I want to get brunch AND a mimosa. I want to buy way too much produce at the farmer’s market. I want to use our fire pit and let Mojo sleep in the grass. I want to drink wine and not worry about what time I need to be in bed… basically I want all of the things.



That’s not to say we won’t be working this weekend. We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the carport wrap, and we’re hoping the long weekend and gorgeous (Seriously! It’s amazing in St Louis right now!) weather will help us put this project to rest.


I hope you’re equally excited about your weekend. Feel free to follow along with ours over on Instagram.


  1. Ann

    Enjoy this spectacular weather in-between a little relaxing and some hard work! I cannot believe the fortune of this weather… how lucky are we? How rare is it?

    I’m trying to decide where I want to photograph fireworks… IF I want to photograph fireworks. P.S. beware of many random street closures for Fair St Louis!

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