LED lighting – One year later

It’s been almost a year since we did some math and bit the bullet to light the studio with LEDs. Aesthetics were a driving factor, but the potential savings ultimately pushed us over the edge.


The savings can only be realized if all of the LEDs live up to their guarantee to work longer than their incandescent counterparts. (More on that math here) I’m happy to report that all 50 bulbs in the studio are going strong. If our math is right (which I assume it is because Aaron did it) we should start seeing an ROI on our investment of the bulbs before the end of this year!



We’re so in love with LEDs that we even used them outside. Those have been in service almost as long as the ones in the studio and they’re still going strong even after the polar vortex.

So far, we’re giving LightKiwi LEDs a huge thumbs up!¬†(They also make Cree bulbs, which you may have seen advertisements for.¬†Does anyone else laugh out loud at those commercials or is that just me?)

  1. Are your LEDs dimmable? Looking to find some recessed lightbulbs for my mom’s place that will last.

    1. No, they’re not. We didn’t need that capability in this space and it’s hard to find dimmable bulbs that have the color temperature that we want.

      1. I’m running into that same problem re the color of the LED. I only wish the powers that be had gotten on the LED bandwagon sooner.

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