Back in blue

As you well know (because I’m apparently torturing everyone by dragging out this reveal), the decor in the living room needed a bit of an overhaul thanks to a fancy coat of white paint and a stunning new rug.


I mean, come on…


I’m happy to report that our Craigslist find has shed it’s sad, brown covering and been returned to us in a perfect shade of blue. Boom:



Holy cow! We are absolutely in LOVE. To prove it, here are way too many pictures.





The workmanship is flawless. Gomez Upholstery did an amazing job! We asked Jose to shape the middle cushion to match the curve of the couch (turned out fabulously) and to eliminate much of the piping to clean up the lines. Halfway through the project he called to recommend that we take out all of the piping due to the thickness of the fabric. His suggestion was spot on, and we appreciated that he shared our vision for the sofa.










I know I originally wanted a green couch, but I think this one was meant to be blue.




I never knew I could love a piece of furniture so much. It’s the most comfortable thing we’ve ever sat on and the 3′ depth is amazing. I’m not saying that we accidentally fell asleep on the couch the other night, but I’m not saying we didn’t.

For now we’re using some old pillows, but we’re going back to Gomez Upholstery to have a few pillows made in the same fabric. Actually, we’ll be going back to Jose whenever we need anything reupholstered.


The space is coming together. We opted to move the arc lamp out because it’s been bothering us ever since the new lighting was installed. Hopefully we can find a new home for it down the line. Now the walls are screaming, “give me art!” and someone (me) really needs to work on styling the end tables a bit.

For now, I’m just happy that the sofa is back AND that it made it up the stairwell. It was questionable at points thanks to the small opening on the first floor. We both ended up bleeding during the process (just surface scratches), but it was all worth it for that sofa.

  1. HOT FREAKING DAMN! (Normally I’d swear up a storm, and believe me I did over here, but I’ll keep it clean for your audience.) HOLY BLEEP! So, so, soooo good! The rug looks better, the lights look better, the coffee and end tables look better! It’s a magic sofa! Well done, José!

    Wow, I’m so happy-jealous.

    (Btw, do you know Chanee Vijay Textiles? You might dig her stuff for some accent pillows. Earthy, geometric, hand screened on linens.)

    1. Hahaha! This beauty deserves all the curse words. She’s that hot! Thanks for the recommendation for throw pillows. I’ll check it out!

    1. When does yours come home?!

  2. Wow. It is stunning. I am now sitting in my office, drooling. And thank you for sharing the info about your upholsterer! It is always good to know where high quality work can be found.

    1. Thanks! We’re happy to share a good reference and Gomez is awesome!

  3. Is it weird that I want to make out with your couch?

    1. That was my first instinct… So… No??

  4. It looks marvelous! We have a swanky Danish couch from my grandparents that we made the unfortunate decision to have upholstered in fire engine red right after we got our first apartment post-college. At least you’ve given me a good reference when I’m ready to spend the cash to get it reupholstered someday!

    1. Oh man! Choosing a fabric and color is such a commitment! I definitely had a few “I hope we didn’t settle” moments. But I couldn’t be happier. Definitely get in touch with Gomez when you’re ready to redo. He picked up and delivered for free, gave us a quick quote via email and helped us choose the fabric.

  5. WOW. Love it. So you did fall asleep?! love ya

    1. We totally did.

  6. I can’t believe how great it looks- especially with that rug! I would be jumping all over that baby [ok and maybe rolling on the rug while we’re at it]

    1. Hahaha! I’ve definitely rolled on the rug a few times. 😉

  7. I love the blue…good choice! Also, my parents have the EXACT coffee table and end table!! Your room looks great!

    1. Thanks, Colleen!

  8. Holy. Smokes. Best couch. Ever. When can I come over?

    1. Anytime 😉

  9. Would you mind emailing me about your experience with gomez? I am also in stl looking for an upholsterer for a fifties clean-lined couch and would REALLY appreciate if you would let me pick your brain a little bit. I know you said you loved them (him), but I have a few questions about pick-up, cost, snags in the master plan, etc.
    Thanks! (if you agree to be interviewed…) I think my email address should get to you from the requirement to post a comment.

  10. That sofa was definitely meant to be blue. Hats off to you, that you were able to see it’s inner blue self struggling to get out, and what luck the fabric was affordable and you found a magician for an upholsterer. Superb. Inspiring.

    1. Thanks! We’re so glad things came together.

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