A little more white paint

We painted three spaces before Alive Magazine came to shoot the firehouse. Even though we’ve already talked about the bedroom and hall (neither of which made it into the magazine), one other space was MUCH more important to get done. Can you tell which one?


How about now?


How about now?


The furnace room FINALLY got a little camouflage in the form of bright white paint.


Even though the structure has been in place for nearly a year, we’ve been mired in indecision regarding the finish. Our original plan to cover it in end cut wood looked really tedious and expensive when we finally did the math. So the furnace room has sat naked, serving as a constant reminder that even though we’ve been using the studio it’s not “done.” The magazine shoot was a good kick in the pants to just paint it already and let it disappear, which it does beautifully.





We also added a temporary door. This is definitely phase 1. Some sort of wood treatment and a proper door are still on the (giant) list.





For now, I’m loving that I can shoot the studio from any angle without the distraction of unfinished plywood. Is anyone surprised that our resolution for something is to paint it white? I’m not. What’s your solution for eyesores or unfinished spaces in your home?


  1. Brad, The Illinois Firehouse guy, Doyle

    The place looks great!!! Gotta question, what kind of paint did you use in your studio? I’m guessing you sprayed it? After seeing the truck bay in white, I think I’m going to do that with mine. The walls are a dirty white, and the ceiling is silver metal.

    • Heather

      We used Porter Paint’s Pitt-Glaze on the wall and Glyptex Enamel (in pure white – no tint). That was based on a recommendation from a friend who works there and came out to see what surfaces we were trying to cover. Yes, we sprayed everything.

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