Our House Hunters episode is online!

UPDATE: The House Hunters site was refreshed and our episode is no longer available. But you can check it out on Netflix. Look for the episode titled “St. Louis Cool.”

One of our awesome photography clients pinged me last night on Facebook to let us know that our episode of House Hunters is online! If you haven’t had the chance to catch it on TV or want to relive it over (and over and over) again,here’s your chance!

  1. Finally was able to watch it! Loved it!

    1. Yay! Now you know how we sound. Hopefully our dinner plans are still on 😉 Rest assured that my hair looks much better my now…

  2. […] so excited to share the updates to our space! (We hadn’t even moved in when they wrapped the original episode.) I don’t have any details on when it will air, but I’ll pass them along when I do. We think […]

  3. I so want to watch this, but the page just says “loading” and I can’t access the video. Is the video still up?

    1. Oh! It doesn’t work anymore. I need to update this post. HGTV redid their website and the episode isn’t available anymore. It is on Netflix if you have that.

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