White out

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for featuring a before and after shot of the studio. That before shot never gets old. It’s a good reminder of how far the studio has come. Since that “after” shot we hung some canvas prints so there’s a little more life in the space. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I didn’t tell you the whole conversation that ensued when I suggested we paint the master bedroom before a local magazine came to photograph the firehouse. What really happened is I said, “Maybe we should paint the bedroom.” Then, Aaron said, “Yeah! And the hallway!”I laughed. I think I missed some sort of connecting thought there…

I guess I didn’t realize how much the hallway was bothering him. His rationale was that it wouldn’t take much more time or effort to white out this space once we already had the painting gear out of storage. He had a point. And, honestly, the hallway was a completely awful shade of red that gave it sad cave-like quality.





Like any project under a deadline there we some hiccups. We didn’t actually get around to starting the paint until Tuesday (the magazine shoot was set for Friday morning).

Also, the primer went up fine, but the paint had some major issues. We have a friend who works for Porter Paints, and after the studio, Aaron is very much in love with their products. For this quick update we wanted something cheap and easy. We grabbed Behr’s Premium Plus for both the bedroom and the hall. The heavily tinted bedroom paint went up like a dream, and I loved the low VOCs.

The untinted white… not so much. A little way into edging, we decided to abandon the Behr and use some of the leftover Porter Paint Pitt-Glaze from the studio.

Rounding out the “Oh man, did we make the right choice to take this on” list, before the paper was pulled up the hallway felt distinctly suburban. We went to bed feeling a bit defeated. We hated the red, but did we just spend time and effort to make our hallway boring?

Thankfully, once the paper was up, the hallway took on a distinctly industrial feel. And it also had us thinking “Huh. We kind of like these floors. Maybe we’ll keep them.” No permanent decisions have been made and you’re probably ready for some “afters.”






White, happy goodness. Just like in the bedroom, the trim, doors and hardware got a coat of paint. The final verdict? We’re kind of in love with the space… and scheming about what kind of art we want to hang.

  1. Fantastic! Your whole house is emerging as if from a deep sleep. It’s really quite fun to witness, from my safe, paint-free, mess-free perch. Kudos, darlings.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully you’ll be joining the home owner/DIY crew soon!

  2. Looks great!!!! Agreed on Behr paint. It sucks! We learned the hard way. Keep up the awesome work!!

    1. Thanks! Isn’t bad paint the worst. I asked Aaron if we could return it, but he said no.

  3. Not sure why, but the red walls gave me a flashback to the hallway in The Shining. They look lovely now!

    1. Hahaha! Because it’s completely terrifying. I’m actually surprised we lived with it for so long… though I guess things like “a workspace for the business” had to take precedent.

  4. Looks AMAZING! Great job, as always 🙂

    1. Thanks, Carol!

  5. Seriously LOVE the all white (and the painted knobs!) I’m a huge fan of all things black and white, and if this was my hallway I’d be hanging some oversized black and white prints on those walls. Looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Steph! Black and white is definitely our jam as well. We’re not sure what is going in the hallway yet. My first thought was to hang some panoramic prints that Aaron shot in Colorado a few years ago. We have a Pacific NW trip ctrip planned for later this year so we might hold off to see what shots we get from there.

  6. Wow.. The white walls really did make those floors look so much better! 🙂

    1. It’s kind of crazy, right!?

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