DIY decanter tags

Is it odd to follow up a booze centric holiday season with a post about booze? Technically, we’re talking about the outside of the bottle in this post so hopefully that’s ok. When we swapped some furniture and pulled out our fledgling decanter collection, several people asked “How do you remember what’s in each bottle.” At the time, we were relying on Aaron’s razor sharp mind (and if that failed, his discerning sniffer) to keep the liquids straight. Our collection has ballooned and a more tangible tracking system was in order.

In keeping with our minimal, industrial aesthetic, Aaron found some metal rimmed tags and tag wire.


I clipped the string and added a liquor name to each.


A simple twist keeps the tag in place.


Then fill the bottle and twist the wire in back.



Now it’s easy to tell what each bottle is holding, which is good because after Christmas and a stop at one of our favorite antique malls in Kansas City, we have a few more to add to the collection. In related news, we need a bigger bar.












And that is about as crafty as we get around these parts… unless you count the yarn pompoms that I make each year to top Christmas gifts.


  1. Love it! And now I really can’t wait for the day you guys can visit my hood. Local whiskey, bourbon, and moonshine for all! xoxo

    1. Oooh! That sounds awesome! NY trip is not on the docket yet, but you will be the first person I ask for information!

  2. Chuck and I have also started a vintage bar collection. His mother said she found us some simple decanters, and I’m anxious to see them. Her version of simple and mine are usually pretty different!! haha! However, I did find an awesome brass ice cooler to keep for parties! We also already need a bigger bar….haha!

    1. Ha! Vintage decanters can get very ornate. Hopefully you like the ones she picked up for you!

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