See us on House Hunters tonight and a drinking game (because why not?)

Is your DVR ready? We make our big TV debut tonight at 9 pm CST on HGTV’s House Hunters!


We just finished the first 4 days of shooting (Note: I really did write this hours after wrapping our shoot. It’s like a blast from the past!) and our awesome sound guy (Hi Ken!) mentioned that there is a House Hunters Drinking Game. Why have I never heard of this?! I waited until we were wrapped to look it up and because we don’t harp on any of the normal things (double sinks in the master bathroom, the necessity of granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, closet space that is only large enough for the wife), I thought I should make our own version.

Keep in mind that I have no idea what pieces of the 40+ hours will make it into the less than 30 minute show. I can’t be held accountable for any drunkness (or lack thereof) that results. Just to be safe, go ahead and designate a driver.

1 drink
We utter any of the following: natural light, industrial, brick.
I seem concerned about the number of projects at the firehouse.
Anyone (narrator included) references the vintage camper/trailer that Aaron is restoring.
Aaron points out the electrical or HVAC systems (or the lack thereof)
I open something (like a cabinet, drawer or door).
We mention repainting a particular room or space.
Mojo makes an appearance.

2 drinks
Our realtor, Ted, makes a design suggestion that goes against our style.
Aaron steps into a bathtub or shower.
Anyone references a rain shower as one of Aaron’s wish list items.
Anyone references our desire for a wine cellar.

3 drinks
Aaron notices glitter wall paint.
I call something ugly or suburban.
We mention getting a drink after doing a tour.
Anyone refers to us as hipsters*

*Ok, I did add one thing to the original draft. Aaron is a little miffed that they referred to us as hipsters in the online description of the show. He demanded (not joking) that I add this prompt and put it at the 3 drink level. I think it’s just a good excuse for him to take an extra swig (or 3) anytime the H word is mentioned.

Cheers to our 15-ish minutes of “fame” Hopefully we’re not all nursing a hangover tomorrow.

  1. Gah! I love it! Can’t wait for tonight! What a week you’re having! xoxo

    1. It’s a whirlwind over here! We’re just riding the high… and trying to eat the leftover bites from our Open House last night.

  2. I am SO SAD we don’t have cable. But I can’t wait to check out your episode when I can! Any idea when/where/if it will be posted online?

    1. According to the producers, HGTV usually only airs really old episodes on their site. My brother, who is in Spain, thought he might be able to catch it on Hulu. I’ve had a LOT of people ask where to find it online so if I find out, I’ll pass the info along.

  3. I am so excited!! I can’t drink this week due to my fall marathon. However, this looks like the perfect game for next week…which works out since I don’t have cable. Best of luck on your debut, hipsters. 😉

    1. Hahaha! Poor Aaron. Now he’ll probably never lose that moniker 🙂

  4. So excited! Going to watch right now!

    1. EEEE! It was just as surreal as I thought it would be. But we were pleasantly surprised with how we were portrayed.

  5. I just watched your episode and found you guys while looking for “after” pics! Excited to see it come together!

    1. Thanks, Ali! We’ve put a ton of work into the space so far. It was awesome to see some “before” shots on the show. We’ll keep plugging away so feel free to stop by often to see what else has changed.

    1. We were actually pleasantly surprised with the whole episode. We thought they captured our personalities without making us look crazy. There were some funny moments. Overall it was great. We actually hosted an open house for friends and family and broadcast the episode on the wall of the studio. So there was a lot going on leading up the episode. It was great to share that first viewing with everyone! We’re planning to watch it again tonight and (obviously) give it more of a critique 😉

  6. I just watched it! You two are so cute. It was fun to see you and see video of the firehouse.

    1. Thanks Jessica!

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