How many lockers is too many?

Upon reading the title of this post, if your first thought was “there’s no such thing,” then welcome. You have found kindred souls. Our love of lockers knows few bounds, so when we saw this Craigslist post (Apparently my proclamation that we don’t watch Craigslist prompted Aaron to do just that) we both had the same reaction: BUY THEM ALL! Really, where can you NOT use old lockers? The awesome bathroom and the workshop were clear candidates for rows of these cheap, metal beauties.


When Aaron got a hold of the seller, it turned out to be a Habitat for Humanity ReStore situation. The non-profit company strips items from old buildings and resells them. Aaron headed to the warehouse and snagged 12 towers for $290 thanks to an on-the-spot discount. Our locker loving hearts were heaven. The company even delivered them. Then, of course, we got busy and they sat in the studio for longer than I care to admit.


Craigslist struck again when Aaron found an X-ray viewing light box (the kind that hang in hospitals) for sale by the same company. When he ran out to pick it up he noticed that they had even MORE lockers. His practicality kicked in and he opted to leave the lockers, but mentioned to the owner that he loved them more than the ones we’ve been hoarding.

The next day, the owner called asking if Aaron would be up for a trade. He knew a woman who wanted the cubby-style lockers we had and was willing to trade his lockers +$50. Aaron negotiated the swap and smartly included the stipulation that the owner had to help carry the new lockers downstairs. That’s a double win – aweseomer lockers and cheap labor.


While not as plentiful, these lockers a better size and in fantastic condition! They will be perfect for containing tools and other workshop clutter.


For now they are just hanging out in the corner of the basement… which is way better than hanging out in the studio.




Is anyone else as infatuated with old lockers as we are? Truth be told these are not the only lockers waiting in the wings at the firehouse. We scored a set of old bowling alley lockers that will serve as vintage camera storage once we can dig them out and spray paint them (white, of course). Oh and we picked up ANOTHER stand alone vintage locker a few weeks ago because the price was just too good.

Ok, seriously – how many lockers is too many?

  1. Love. Can’t wait to see them all dolled up.

    1. Thanks! They’ll probably stay as is, but you never know when Aaron will get a wild hair and paint things white 😉

  2. AH! I love them!!! and in your gigantic space, I do not think that you have yet reached your locker limit. These will be super handy in your basement.

    1. I always knew we would be good friends 😉

  3. Oh my gosh! Is it heredity? Aaron may have forgotten that his father has a bunch in his barn.

    1. Aaron claims to have to knowledge of the lockers. If you ever want to part with them, give us a shot at them first!

  4. No such thing as too many lockers or cubbies. Can’t wait to see those all fancied up and doing their new jobs.

    1. Thanks for the support!

  5. I love old lockers! I’m looking for 3-4 single tier lockers (come on, Craigslist!) and also recently passed up a set of two-tier and smaller cubby lockers at our ReStore because the price wasn’t that great (similar to buying new from a big box store).

    1. Wow! Are you anywhere near St Louis? ReFab has been a great resource for us so far.

  6. Those are awesome! Are you planning to spray paint them or anything or leave them as-is color?

    1. Right now we’re planning to leave them as is, but we’ll see what happens when the workshop comes together.

  7. Those lockers are gorgeous! I love them!!!

    Our thing is filing cabinets- we keep finding those tall 4-5 drawer ones and we use them for lots of stuff. It’s become our thing haha and we always say you can never have too many! Haha

    1. I love just about anything in a collection or series, so I can totally see a line of those. Are you painting them or keeping them as is?

      1. Right now they are just as is- so some are a traditional steel gray and then others have been painted by the previous owners and are a light green. I think we will definitely paint them at some point- we have to figure out the final plan for where they are all going first haha

        1. That makes sense. No reason to rush into things. 🙂

  8. I am a complete fan of lockers! My husband? Not so much. One day I’ll be successful at converting him…

    1. Maybe easing them in through a man cave or workshop or garage is a good place to start 😉

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