Guest post on Yellow Brick Home

Kim and Scott at Yellow Brick Home are in the process of moving from their adorable, but tiny Chicago apartment to much larger, but needs work single family home. We can’t be there to move boxes, but they asked us to help by keeping their virtual home going in their absence. To this request, Aaron said, “Cool.” I said, “OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG YES! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!” … or something like that. I blacked out for a little bit so there was probably more excited squealing than I care to document. Suffice it to say that I’m very (not) cool when faced with exciting events, and we’re both excited that they gave us the chance to chat about what we love about where we live. Hop over and check it out.




11 thoughts on “Guest post on Yellow Brick Home

  1. Dudes! For serious? Congratulations on the guest spot! Now you will have more adoring fans, and friends all across the land. I want restaurant posts, and art posts from you, too. I want to know about your city and what makes it worthy of your forever home status! xoxo

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