The latest installment of Clean up the front of the Firehouse

We’re not dead. I know you were worried because a week in blog time is like a year. We’re still here, kicking and working on the firehouse. We (really Aaron) are in the middle of a huge project in the studio, which I’ll give you a sneak peek of in the next post.

We’ve been a little slow with posts because we actually had two weekend off weddings and chose to spend the majority of the time relaxing and hunting through all of the St Louis antique malls we’ve been too busy to visit. We scored a few items that I need to shoot and also landed a sweet deal from Craigslist. (Future posts!)

The only thing we’ve completed is removing a sign from the front of our building. It’s been a little obscure in the images, but there is a dedication sign on the front of the firehouse.


It looks like this. It’s some sort of printed sign adhered to plywood that has warped and installed with 4 screws. IMG_4738

We could tell there was something behind the sign. On a whim when we were out front measuring for new lights, Aaron grabbed a ratchet. In a few quick twists of the wrist the sign came off and we were left with this:


Um, yeah that’s exactly the same sign. Ok, that’s not entirely fair. Mr Sestric’s name is completely illegible and the concrete version was harboring at least 4 spiders (which Aaron dutifully killed). This is probably the most anticlimactic project at the firehouse to date. Still we love the charm of the weathered concrete so the newer sign is getting chucked.

If that didn’t feed your need for awesome renovations, you should hop over to Yellow Brick House or Manhattan Nest. Kim and Scott are in the demo stage of turning a two-apartment house into their single-family dream space. They are facing seriously saggy floors, an extra kitchen and more smells than I care to imagine. Meanwhile, Daniel is also tackling a 2-turned-back-to-1 space while being his usual witty self and uttering many Nicole Curtis-isms. (Ok, it’s only one. “Why would anyone cover that up!?” Which, really, is the only one you need.)

  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer. There will be plenty of time to post later. At first, I was upset that you were removing the sign, but what is underneath is much cooler.

    1. Thanks, Jessica. I hope your summer is going well too!

  2. Uh, I was actually really excited by the big reveal! I agree, much more charm than the other sign. Love it!

    1. Thanks!

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