Why, mulberry? Why?!?

I’ve repeatedly said that one of my favorite things about our new space is the number of birds we have around. I mentioned it here and real-life friends are probably like “We get it! Enough about the birds.”

Well we finally figured out why. This tree that is only technically half ours and hangs into our yard and provides awesome shade…


This beautiful, mature tree (on the right)…


Is a mulberry. Guess what birds love? Mulberries.

I’ve already been through the five stages of grief with this tree.

Denial: It can’t be THAT bad right? (Said before the fruit was ripe enough to fall.)
Anger: Why would anyone CHOOSE a mulberry tree and let it get THAT big?!?
Bargaining: Please God, don’t let it be such a mess.
Depression: They’re everywhere….


Acceptance: The tree has to go.

I know. I know. I hate it. It kills me (both of us, really) to think about taking down a mature tree. But we tried and we can’t live with this. The tentative plan is to take it out and put in the biggest tree that 1) we can afford and 2) makes sense for the yard.

On the bright side, we’ll definitely use the wood in our to-be-constructed fire pit and in Aaron’s new smoker (which we’re falling more in love with each time he fires it up). It’s not a total loss… but it still feels like one.

  1. When life gives you a mulberry tree, make mulberry jam! We used to have mulberry trees on our street when I was kid. I remember climbing them and eating mulberries for hours. It is sad that you are going to take down that tree. 🙁 I understand your reasoning, but I am still sad.

    P.S. I am never able to comment on your page from Firefox. I always have to go to Explorer to comment. You may want to check into why that it.

    1. We did consider what we could make in the days before the fruit started falling. I still might snag some just to play around (if we ever get a real day off). I know. It makes me so sad. I don’t think the picture does it justice. It’s a crazy carpet out there.

      Thanks for the notice. I’ll see if I can fix the issue.

  2. Our neighbors took down a trio of mature maples that were probably 100 years old shortly after we bought our house. Even though it was a sensible thing to do (they’d been twice struck by lightening and had a dead side), the owners still cried. We promptly planted a tri of birches that, while a bit of a messy tree, grow very fast. They were nearly 15′ high when we planted them in 2008, and now I’d say they’re closing in on 25′. I don’t envy your choice though. Trees are rather precious.

    1. Oh man. I don’t want to cry… but I’ll keep you posted. I’m kind of jealous that you can have birch trees! Honestly I’d take just about any other tree mess other than mulberry. We have a gumball tree in the front but it’s 100% staying.

  3. Sad choice. Those mulberries are a mess, though…all by themselves and, er, processed by the birds. My Grandparents’ property had a great big mature mulberry tree – nothing tasted as great as those berries! Sad to have to lose it.

    1. Seriously. Thanks for the support.

  4. It is always sad to lose a tree! Ask Aaron about the Bradford. Though I’m sure the tears he shed was because he got his dads truck stuck in the mud hauling off wood! Could have been tears of laughter…

  5. Whoa! We don’t have mulberry trees around here (or I’m just oblivious–entirely possible). That stinks! Mature trees make or break a property for me when I’m fake planning where to move. 🙂

    1. Yeah, we love mature trees. It’s one of the things I missed the most when we moved into our first home (a cookie cutter, split level in suburbia). We’ll definitely put in another tree and may put a second tree inside the fence line.

  6. Could you just get the tree trimmed? We have a good tree trimmer and reasonably priced.

    1. Maybe, but it’s a large part of the tree the hangs over our patio. We’ll have to check with someone. Either way we need a tree guy to take out the dead one up front.

  7. LOVE your 5 stages of grief run-down for us! I may’ve laughed out loud a little bit – sorry! Sad that such a beautiful tree makes such a mess of your yard! I look forward to seeing what tree you’ll replace it with 🙂

    1. You laughing out loud totally makes my day 🙂 Thanks!

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  9. Yes, it stinks to cut down a mature tree but I’m with you 100% — those berries all over the drive?! No thanks. Good job on having plans on how to use the tree after cutting it. Good riddance!

    1. Thanks Alyson! It was crazy tromping around in the berries when we put up the fence. So gross!

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  11. I feel your pain. We have two forty-foot cottonwoods in our lovely neighbor’s yard that fuzz all over our yard, house, driveway and LIFE every spring. We get snowdrifts of fuzz. They’re awesome for privacy and shade, but WHY. WHY COTTONWOOD, WHY.

    1. Oh geez! Yeah, I’m sure you can. Thankfully (for the tree) we have decided to live with it after the demise of the other tree at the hands of the electric company. That doesn’t mean I won’t curse it every spring though…

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