A video tour

We have a floor plan, but we’ve heard that it’s hard to really understand the firehouse until you walk in. So here’s our attempt to virtually (please don’t stalk us) welcome you into the firehouse and give you a peek of where we’re at right now.
[vimeo 66602296 w=872 h=492]

So did you make it through 11ish minutes of me rambling? Good for you. You get a gold star for the day!

A few notes:

  • The door that is off its hinges by the first floor bathroom actually goes to the stairwell. We probably won’t rehang it.
  • On the second floor, I point out a plastic-wrapped couch that’s covered in boxes and mention that it will go downstairs soon. Apparently “soon” meant “after dinner.” It’s been re-homed and there is actually furniture in the studio!
  • I call the 4th “bedroom” the “saddest bedroom in the history of the earth,” which is probably not accurate (ok, but really it is the saddest) and that line actually made us laugh when we watched the video.
  • I think I also deserve a gold star for doing that all in one take. Aaron definitely gets one for holding his arm steady for almost 12 minutes. Good things he’s on the Firehouse Workout Plan.

I’m sure the video created a lot of questions so feel free to ask away!

11 thoughts on “A video tour

  1. Love the studio! It will be such a great space for you guys! I like the idea of a seperate walk-in closet bc we too ahve never had walk-in closet! Living in construction is rough (did it almost my whole childhood) but it looks great!

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