This week (a little late) at the firehouse – 4/27

I’m not sure where this last week went! I don’t even have a good picture to share… except for this image of bacon jam.


Yes, BACON as a jam. I insisted we take the evening off on Friday and we hit up The Block for a happy hour smorgasbord. He deserved a real night off because he as been working his butt off and taking advantage of every minute we have left with the lift.

  • The studio walls got one final coat of paint and they look awesome! Whew! All that’s left is the floor.
  • Aaron installed 2/3 of the new track lighting.
  • He also built a 14′ utility room from scratch!
  • We realized that the “Awesome” bathroom (which should really be renamed to the “seriously, why doesn’t anything in here work!?!” bathroom) has more serious plumbing problems than we realized at first. Sad face.
  • Aaron installed 18 receptacles in the studio.
  • He also finally changed the locks on the doors. Technically the handles were swapped out when we closed (par for the course on a foreclosure, apparently), but we wanted brand new lock sets to ensure there are no extra keys floating around.


  1. Hey! have you seen the YHL blog today? can you believe it?! It’s like when you said that you had something in the works and was excited to share with us, and i thought it was a pregnancy, but it turned out to be a firehouse! 🙂

    1. I did see it and immediately asked the girls I work with if they saw it. How crazy! I can’t believe they were able to keep that secret. Not posting about the firehouse on ANY social media totally killed me.

      Hahaha! No pregnancies here 🙂

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