This week at the firehouse – 4/12

Prep work dominated this week. I keep saying that paint is coming, but, for reals, paint is going up next week.

  • The gas stove was installed. We learned that most insurance companies require professional installation, which makes sense.
  • Aaron finished the studio side of pole holes. This required building a mini sub floor in each opening and adding drywall on the bottom (studio side). Insulation and plywood on the top will finish these off.
  • We had our lots surveyed so we can get permits for the fence. The picture below doesn’t really show it (you wouldn’t guess that I’m part of a cracker jack photography team based on this sample), but the trees we thought were in our lot are actually on the line. So we own half of 2 trees, which will require a slight adjustment in the fence plan. Awesome…


  • Aaron removed the old commercial fire alarm system, including the wires that were draped throughout the studio.
  • He finished patching the holes in the ceiling, including the gaping hole where the garage door opener was installed.
  • He fixed the bad duct work and add vents, as well as adding new conduit and electrical for a future light fixture over a future conference table.
  • We noticed the fresh air ducts on the furnaces in the studio were leaking. A little caulk solved that problem.
  • He finished the trim around the door leading to the basement.
  1. So what does one do with half of two trees?

    1. For now, one adjusts one’s fence plans to leave the trees on the outside. Long term, one hopes to purchase the other plot of land and gain full ownership of the trees.

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