Our list is priorities for the contractor went something like this: new windows, scraping the ceiling in the studio (an unglamorous, labor intensive job), new concrete patio and parking pad, carport and skylight in the second floor living room. We got almost everything (no, skylight for us) and you may have noticed I didn’t show you all the changes to the back of the building in the last post.

Let’s revisit our starting point:



Jacked up asphalt and a tall barbwire-topped chain link fence. It’s a bit prison chic, don’t you think? Hate it!


The concrete contractor made it all disappear and replaced it with brand new concrete. He even ripped out the back stairs and gave us new ones. If anyone in St Louis needs a concrete guy, we’ll totally send you his info. He rocks.

A different crew came to set poles for the carport. Here’s a view from the second story.





Once the poles were firmly entrenched in concrete, the crew returned to add a simple galvanized steel roof.





The red enamel coating was a slight upgrade that we really love.


Our strategy when making the list for the contractor focused around what we (well, really Aaron) didn’t want to tackle, particularly in the face of redoing the entire studio space immediately. Erecting a carport was much cheaper than going for a full garage, especially because this baby is over sized (what isn’t at the firehouse?) Eventually, we’ll finish this off by wrapping the walls (material is still TBD) and adding a few human-sized and car-sized doors.

  1. Hooray for carports!

    Prison chic-very funny.

  2. Can you hit me up via email on who did your carport?

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