This week at the firehouse – 4/5

This week was split between prep work in the studio (paint is coming!) and prep for the new range! (And apparently a lot of exclamation points.)  It’s not all glamorous work, but we’re poised to make some dramatic changes next week.

  • Aaron finished patching the holes in the studio walls, and he is nearly done patching holes in the studio ceiling. We didn’t actually count how many holes were in the studio. I’d take the over on 100.
  • Aaron ran a new electrical line for the range.
  • The range arrived on today! We’ve been living on slow cooked, grilled and reheated meals. I can’t wait to get this beauty hooked up and start cooking again!


  • He drilled out of the building and ran conduit and electrical. Right now we have one receptacle, but we’ll expand on the system later.
  • He also started building floors in the pole closets.
  • We noticed the caulk on the exterior of the windows was pulling away, so the contractor re-caulked them.

We’ll probably get a bit more done on Sunday if the beautiful weather doesn’t lure us outside.

    1. 🙂

  1. Is that a Viking range?! so jealous!

    1. No, we couldn’t afford a Viking. It’s a Bertazonni. We did a TON of research and were really happy with this brand. I’ll post more details once I use it can give it a proper review.

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