Let there be light

Did you notice anything in the moving day pictures?




That’s right, we have windows and natural light in the first floor! Woot!

When we looked at the firehouse we were instantly struck by the lack of windows… scratch that… we were instantly struck by the abundance of bricked over windows. Who does that?

We knew our happiness in this space would depend in large part on putting those windows back in. We’re photographers (maybe you already knew that) and we thrive on natural light. When it came time to talk finances, we opted for a loan that would let us tackle some major projects at the outset. New windows were at the top of the list.

In total, we added 8 windows, leaving just one in the kitchen bricked over. We know the kitchen is due for a major overhaul and the window is on a wall that will be perfect for cabinets. So it stayed Bricky McBrickerson and the contractors got to work on the others.

You guys, this made a HUUUUGE difference in the space. Let’s do a quick refresh.

Studio before – Resembles a cave (in real life… this photo was taken by a pro who was trying to make the space look good. Also, sorry for the lack of respectable “before” pics. We’ll get better as we go. The window wall is on the left in this picture.)


Studio now: WHAT!?! I can see the sky!





You can actually see light through the end of the building thanks to this addition…


That bright square in the background is a window in the yet-to-be-seen-on-the-blog-because-it-was-basically-a-closet first floor half bath!




Dining room before: I’m so sad that white square by the fire pole isn’t a window.


Dining room now: It’s so bright I can barely see!!



Kitchen before: There’s some light from the door…


Kitchen now: Oooh! I could almost see myself cooking and taking pictures for a blog in that light-filled corner.



8 new windows = happiness.

I’ll toss up some outside pics in a separate post because we actually gave all of the windows a happy exterior makeover. We’ve had the windows for a few weeks, but I still find myself gazing at them (and out them) lovingly. Like everything in this space, opening up the holes yielded some surprises. More on that in the next post.


  1. LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to see it in person. What a huge difference.

  2. There is no better money spent than on that which brings in natural light. Sigh. I’m ready for more light, more warm, more spring, and more sun.

    1. Amen, sister! If I were you, I’d be ready for some serious time on your awesome new patio!

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  5. Recently watched house hunters and loved your decision on the fire house. I would love to see more updates of your progress on your new purchase.
    Looking forward!

    1. Thanks for seeking us out!

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