This week at the firehouse – 3/22

Thanks so much for your comments on this week’s posts, especially the one where I opened up and admitted that we’re a little overwhelmed. Everything feels a bit more real, and more right, each day. The contractors worked steadily throughout the week and wrapped all of their projects today. Obviously we owe you a ton of pictures. Here’s the full list from our first week:

  • Aaron surprised me with a new lighting fixture and pot rack in the kitchen.
  • The rest of the windows were installed.
  • The contractors framed the windows on the inside.
  • All of the windows got a maintenance free, aluminum wrap on the exterior.
  • The concrete contractors finished the patio and parking pad.
  • Mojo left The Retreat (also known as my parent’s house) and joined us at the firehouse. The new surroundings prompted a lot of confusion and a 48 hour hunger strike.


  • Contractors built the carport.
  • While the furnaces were being serviced, we discovered what we thought was a gas leak. It turned out that one of the furnace filters was so clogged that it was causing the furnace to backfire gas into the closet nearby. Thankfully, it was an easy fix.
  • In sad furnace news, the furnace the serves the studio needs repaired or replaced. We’re still weighing the options.
  • Aaron patched most of the holes in the studio walls.
  • We decided to bite the bullet and rent a scissor lift so Aaron can safely work on the studio ceiling and install the new lighting. It arrives on Tuesday!
  • Key rooms are in various states of unpacked, including the master bathroom, master bedroom, kitchen and laundry room. We also set up a faux apartment (TV watching area and workspace) in the upstairs living room.


  1. Definitely looking forward to all the pictures! So excited for you!

    1. Thanks Stefanie!

    1. 🙂

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