Sealed basement and a few plans

The basement of the firehouse is like bonus space. I know. We have 5,000+ square feet above grade and one of the first projects we tackled was in the roughly 1,500 square feet (of additional space) in the basement.  I’ll wait while you roll your eyes…

The basement doesn’t seem like a logical place to start, but we’re dealing with a forever home here, so we want to make sure things are done right. The basement doesn’t have any apparent leaks and the stone walls are in good condition, but we decided sealing it would give us extra piece of mind. Plus, we figured Aaron could bang out this job in a day thanks to the fancy new paint sprayer we bought.

Wrong! Turns out DryLok has to be brushed on… and in reality it’s more like massaging the plasticky sealer into all the cracks and crevices. But, wait, there’s more to this exciting adventure. It is recommended that you wear ventilators because many people get seriously sick from the fumes. AND it requires two coats. Good times.

Let’s take a look at the before shots:





Now let’s see what we got after two weekend days (plus a few hours one evening to finish up):


Bam! White walls. For some reason I assumed that the DryLok would be dark – black or gray. Turns out it’s super white. You may not know yet, but we L O V E white. It’s so clean and bright and awesome. I swear covering the drab walls in white fueled my drive to get this project done.


Once we were done, Aaron went the extra mile, attacking the floor with a shop vac and then a power washer. We probably have the cleanest basement in all of St Louis.



There’s just one minor hiccup with the sealing plan. An unused piece of electrical conduit that’s hiding behind these water pipes is totally leaking when it rains. Aaron is already working on a solution and as soon as that is solved we’ll be water free until at least 2023. (There’s a 10 year warranty on DryLok.) (Yes, I just rhymed on purpose.) (Yes, I realize I’m a nerd.)



A super dry basement is key to the firehouse dream home because we have serious plans for this space: storage, a workshop for Aaron and an oh-my-god-this-really-is-our-dream-house wine cellar. Eeeee! I can’t wait. Here’s a rough set up (shot from near the stairs.)


 You’ll walk down into the space, and if you keep going straight, right into the wine cellar. Step to the left and you can head back to the storage area or the workshop. The workshop is actually high on the list of projects. As soon as the studio is done, we’ll need a spot to store tools and supplies so we can reclaim the downstairs living and dining rooms.

So, that’s the current state of the basement (minus a picture of all the boxes the movers put down there.) Has anyone else given DryLok a spin? The process wasn’t too bad thanks to the ventilators and a little music.

  1. I’ve been following this blog from close to the beginning (I linked over from your photography blog, which I also love – I totally wish I would have had you and Aaron shoot my wedding last year!), and it’s so exciting to see how the space is gradually taking shape. You guys are seriously living the dream!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Lindsey!

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