This week at the firehouse 3/8

Aaron has received no less than 5 “I’m so excited” text messages this week thanks to the progress at the firehouse. They’re very witty texts along the lines of “EEEeeeee!!” and “Wooohooo” and “Yay progress!” Here are the highlights:

  • The new windows arrived!
  • Aaron got the first look at our roof that wasn’t aided by Google Maps thanks to a local flat roofing company we found to make a few repairs.


  • The contractors scraped the old plaster off the ceiling in the studio and dining room.
  • Two old windows in the stairwell (ones that weren’t bricked over) were replaced with new windows.
  • Aaron made more progress mudding and taping the studio side of the big wall that separates our work and living space.
  • ADT activated our security system (would be thieves: beware!)
  • The old windows that were sandwiched between brick and drywall were removed. More on this next week!
  • We finished sealing the basement.
  • The contractors started knocking out the brick and installing windows!


We owe you lots of progress pictures, which will be easier to come by when we MOVE IN next week!!

4 thoughts on “This week at the firehouse 3/8

  1. can’t wait to talk to you this weekend-if you have time. If not, just let me know what time Mo is coming on wed. love you guys.

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