Let’s take a quick break from the tour to talk about holes. No, not the 2003 movie about about a “wrongfully convicted boy sent to a brutal desert detention camp” that has a surprising IMDB rating of 7. Literal holes in the firehouse. There are holes EVERY (wait for it) WHERE.

It could be inspiration for a Dr. Seuss book on holes…

Holes in the floor,
Holes for a door.

Some filled with stuff,
some, not so much.

Seriously. There are a lot of holes. Let’s take a very brief look.

Here’s a great one in our master bedroom. It’s what I like to call a “filled hole.” There’s something up there, but we don’t know what.


A few holes in the workout room. Please pray that they are not due to plumbing problems in the big bathroom.



Just a hole in the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom. No big deal when you consider this entire ceiling is basically a giant cluster F.


This dining room hole is a real beauty. Someone should really be proud of this handiwork. (Insert sarcasm.)


It’s cool. Just a hole in the inches thick concrete in the studio floor.


Hey! Look! A hole with mysterious spigots! It’s like a bonus hole. Any guesses where this hole lives?


Floor hole. This is the most classic firehouse hole. We have 4 of these that are in different (mostly questionable) states of repair thanks to missing fire poles.


We’ll be expert hole patchers when this is all over.┬áIs there a boy scout badge for that? If so, I hope it’s one that Aaron earned…

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