This week at the firehouse 3/1

Despite a bumpy start, (Aaron nearly single-handledly dragged into the firehouse an entire order of plywood, lumber and drywall that Lowe’s just dropped in the driveway), progress was made this week!

  • We spent most of the weekend in ventilators sealing the basement. It’s a very glamorous job as evidenced below. We got one entire coat done, but were hampered from finishing the job thanks to some wet weather.


  • The trailer survived the Sunday morning tow to the firehouse and is now covered and living out front. I think we deserve bonus points for not getting pulled over for driving a half-finished trailer with no license plate through the streets of St Louis.
  • A plumber removed a cast iron drain pipe that was sticking into the floor of the studio, freeing up the hole so it can be filled.
  • ADT reviewed the existing security system and it’s a mac daddy set up! Woot! We just have to buy key fobs and activate it.
  • Aaron pulled out the windows between the studio and living space to further separate each area. Filling the holes and finishing the drywall on that enormous wall is currently in progress.
  • The list to update the awesome bathroom is getting longer. There’s definitely a leak in the roof over that area. Also the urinal doesn’t work. You can image Aaron’s disappointment. We’re hopeful that we can repair it. Only one of the two toilets actually works.
  • The new lighting for the studio arrived! Now if only it would assemble and install itself…
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