Tour – Second floor

Let’s get on with the tour. In case you need a reference, check the floorplans

So you’ve just come upstairs. This is the view looking down. We don’t have a ton of pictures of the stairwell yet, but it’s pretty basic: three sets of stairs, two landings, needs painted. The railings are original and have a ton of charm. 


Welcome to the second floor living area. This room is really long and a bit odd thanks to the multiple doorways. To the right is the captains bedroom. Further down the wall is the awesome bathroom.


Looking back into the space from the hallway.


The Captain’s bedroom will eventually become a guest bedroom (and suite if we finish off the bathroom that you’ll see in a minute). Of course, before that happens we’d love to change the paint scheme from burn-your-eyes-out orange with blue accents. This is the view standing from the bathroom. There’s a closet and just beyond that the pole closet hiding the fire pole.



There’s not much to see in the bathroom because all of the fixtures are gone. No sink and no toilet. This space is low on our priority list, but guests will be able to use the most awesome bathroom ever down the hall.



Boom! Awesome bathroom. This is the best shot I have of it so far. Clearly it’s rocking 4 standard sinks, a slop sink and, oh yeah, that’s a urinal. Aaron is extremely excited. I had no idea that a majority of men dream of having a urinal in their house! Score one for the firehouse! On the other side of the room are four stalls – 2 toilets and 2 showers.


The green and purple bedroom will be the workout room/secondary guest room. Once we breakdown the stage/bed platform/kid’s play house we’ll have plenty of space for the treadmill, weights and a to-be-purchased futon type piece of furniture.




I call this the “4th bedroom” and I think that’s generous. There’s no window. The space is tiny. Oh and this:


Yeah, that’s a mammoth furnace. Who wouldn’t want to sleep right next to that? (My hand is raised!) For now, this room will be a catch-all.

The master bedroom has some layout issues. It has a total of 4 closets. Here you see a real closet to the left and former pole closet to the right. Why these aren’t integrated into one storage area, we’ll never know.


Ditto on the other side of the room, except that pole closet door is hiding a person sized hole that opens to the studio.


And there’s this lovely (sarcasm) feature: a half wall. Despite my threats to rip this thing out ASAP, it’s literally the only place where we can put our bed. So it’s staying, but that won’t stop my from giving it the stink eye every day.


I decided the master bathroom is the MOST finished room in the entire place. No holes (that we’ve noticed) and everything seems functional. The only problem? It has zero style. It’s safe for now, but I’m sure I’ll be starting a “Dream bathroom” board on Pinterest soon.




So that’s the second floor. Any burning questions? Any guys who are seriously jealous of the urinal?

In case you missed it, you can click on the Take a Tour tab at the top to see the first floor.

  1. This is one crazy, mega, wowsers project. I’m hooked. I’m in. Lurking in the corner, with beady eyes? That’s me. Congratulations on your purchase – I found you via Yellow Brick Home – I can only imagine how excited and daunted you must feel. So, just consider that whenever things get really hard, you have at least one anonymous cheerleader rooting for you. In the darkened corners of the interwebs. And, yes, my husband yearns for a urinal. Who knew?

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! Feel free to take an imaginary slide down the pole while you’re lurking 😉 Yes, we are absolutely overwhelmed at times, but we know in the end it will be SO worth it.
      Haha! I had no idea that men love urinals. I’d love to take a poll. I bet it’s upwards of 75%. Who knew?

  2. Fab Hub says he never thought of having a urinal in his house. Guess he’s the minority? Personally, I think I would like a urinal…just to say I have one.
    I can not even imagine facing that daunting a project – but I guess I’m not much of a DIY’er. Thinking of painting a set of wall units and maybe doing a tile backsplash this summer along with some basic painting…that feels big enough! The color schemes are…interesting…can’t wait to see what you do with this space! 🙂

    1. Based on my limited anecdotal research, I thikn Fab Hub is in the minority 🙂
      I would never tackle this kind of project without Aaron’s expertise and somewhat flexible schedule. He’s awesome.

  3. Super awesome! I finally had time to look through your whole blog and thanks for sharing. I am extremely jealous of all of it, yes that includes the urinal. I wish I could talk Krista into doing something unique like this but I am not as handy or motivated. Are there any historic restrictions on your renovation plans?

    1. Ha! Thanks! Sadly, the urinal doesn’t work yet so Aaron is still stuck with a normal toilet.
      We don’t live in a district with historical restrictions, so we’re not anticipating any restrictions.

  4. […] an inkling that there was a problem we toured the place. The brown spot on the ceiling tiles of the awesome bathroom was a clear sign that something bad was lurking in the rafters. I recall a baseball-sized opening […]

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