This week at the firehouse 2/22

Things are starting to ramp up at the firehouse. I thought it would be fun to do a quick Friday update with some of the happenings so we can track progress each week.

  • Tuesday was the first day Aaron could really dig in and start work. That meant a lot of measuring, planning and giving more money to Lowes than I want to think about. That included two big purchases: pressure washer and paint sprayer.
  • The contractor came out to take more measurements of the bricked up windows and we got our first peek behind the drywall: windowpeek


  • We discovered that DryLok can’t be sprayed on and we’ll need to brush the entire basement. Guess what we’re doing this weekend… you only get one shot… Did you get it?!
  • Aaron did a few minor repairs in the basement, like replacing a leaky spigot.
  • He also discovered that the vent for the water heater was “swiss cheese” and fixed that too.
  • We had the garage door inspected. The bottom two panels are damaged and were hit from the inside. They’ll need replaced so we’re waiting on a quote.

It doesn’t sound like much, but the thinking/planning/measuring stage is crucial. We should start to see some visible progress next week!

  1. Heather!!! this is so awesome! I love the new blog and the fact that you own a firehouse. SO cool! looking forward to the updates. Also, how’s the trailer re-model coming?

    1. Thanks! the trailer re-do is still in progress. It slowed down thanks to a busy wedding season in the fall. Then it just got too cold to work on it. We moved it this weekend so it is officially living at the firehouse! 🙂

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