Yes, it still has a pole

By far the number one question we get when we tell people that we’re buying bought a firehouse is “Does it still have a pole?” So, let’s clear that up right away. It does have a pole. Just one. When it was still in use it actually had 5 (at least that’s what we assume by the number of “pole closets”). The pole goes from the second floor Captain’s bedroom into the dining room (hence the name of this blog…)



Today we closed on the firehouse, so now it’s all ours – all 5,200 square feet of it. It’s more than enough space for us, our Great Dane (Mojo) and our photography business. It’s certainly not perfect. In fact, I don’t think you can find any section of this space that is perfectly done. We have holes to patch, lighting to run, walls (and ceilings and floors) to paint, windows to replace and furniture to build. But when we look, we see it… our dream space.

Today, we’re just giving you a peak (and I’m doing a very white, nonrhythmic happy dance) and celebrating that we finally have the keys. We’ll be back over the next few days with more in-depth tours and then frequent updates as we make this space our own.












    • Heather

      As the name suggests, it’s a closet structure built around the fire pole. I presume it was a measure to avoid accidental death via slipping through the hole in the wall. This term will make more sense when I get some detail shots up.

  1. Michelle L

    YAY! Congratulations! I like these pictures much better than the website’s – they give a better idea of what the space looks like. I can’t wait to see more pictures as the house evolves into your dream HOME!!!

  2. Rick

    Now for the 64-Thousand Dollar Question… Where are those amazing fire hose lights that everybody’s been talking about? I didn’t see any shots of them? I’m thinking that needs to be on the homepage.

  3. Brynne

    OMG, this place is fabulous! So much potential!
    Also, my husband would be totally psyched to have a urinal in his home. I guess it really is every guy’s dream 😉

    • Heather

      I’m starting to believe it’s a universal truth. Men love home urinals. If you ever need a REALLY good gift, now you know what to get him 😉

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  6. Ann

    Okay… I totally spent SEVERAL HOURS last night, going backwards through this site. First of all, your husband is extremely handy – lucky you! Second of all, I am thoroughly enjoying your dreams for each rooms and how they’re coming to fruition. Yes, they’re going to come gradually but you’re saving yourselves a lot of money by him being able to do it (and well!) plus you’re going to love the home so much more by having put tons of sweat equity in it. I look forward to continuing along the adventure with you. P.S. I think we might have similar photography interests – I’m a big fan of urban decay – partially because of the look but partially because of the STORY to be told within the ruins. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

    • Heather

      Ha! Sorry we took away so many hours of your life? 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comments! We are definitely enjoying the ride (most days)!
      Yes! We love urban decay and the stories that hold buildings hold. I’ve been meaning to schedule an urban exploration get together. Let me know if you’d be interested.

  7. Kristen

    How did you find this?! We’re looking for something similar, maybe a schoolhouse, church, library, firehouse, etc…but not sure how to begin the real estate search.

    • Heather

      It was actually listed just like any other home on Zillow. But we would also recommend keeping an eye on Craigslist and watching commercial listings as well.

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